God’s Not Gonna Hand You a Breakthrough

While listening to a Deitrick Haddon playlist the other day this song entitled, “Breakthrough,” came on and I started bobbing my head like… “yeah, I can dig it.”  I’ve been hearing that term so much!  Every time I scroll my social media outlets someone is “Duh-cree-in’ and De-clarin’ a breakthrough” of one kind or another!  “You get a breakthrough!  You get a breakthrough!  Everybody gets a breakthrough!”  If you all are just giving them away, I’ll take one!  Surely I can just sit back and let God and Facebook break all the strong holds (insert church clapping) and binds (Halley-loo-yah) that the devil has on my life, right?  WRONG.  Just wrong.  I have news for you… God’s not just gonna hand you a breakthrough.

YOU are the one at war.  And this is not a “for play” war; not a “for show” war;” not a “seasonal” war; not a war with your petty friends, husband, or any of the temporal beings and situations around you but an actual war!  Satan couldn’t overtake Heaven, so now he’s banking on the next best thing…overtaking you.  Have you ever wanted something so badly that you’d do anything to get your hands on it including destroying the one who’s already got it?  That’s how bad the darkness wants what you got!  And not only does he want you, he wants you every minute of every day.  But it’s YOUR war!  Not God’s!  So why would He just hand you a breakthrough?

And it’s not just any war, it’s a spiritual war.   You know the enemy is darkness, but your failure lies in being unable to answer the question: Whom or what is the enemy using to use me?  It could be anything or anyone.  It could be you.  Darkness uses everything from the traffic to divorce, loss, poverty, and infidelity to destroy your light.  Whether it’s you giving the finger to the guy who won’t let you get over or assaulting your mate, the devil’s got you by the hoo-hahs of your spirit before any physical actions ever take place.  It all starts in the mind.  Yet we foolishly fight against the things we can see when they are just pawns in a spiritual game.  We use tangible weapons to defend ourselves against transcendent things and wonder why instead of receiving a breakthrough we more often than not end up broken.  You have to open your eyes and realize what you’re really up against.  Recognize that evil is all around you, and don’t be deceived into thinking that you are the exception.  YOU ARE NOT.  I don’t care how big your church hat is on Sunday and how many times you pass out at the altar, as long as you fight a spiritual war with carnal weapons, you will always lose.   Ephesians 6 teaches us: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 

You say you’re looking for a breakthrough?  What is a breakthrough?  Breakthrough- a military movement or advance all the way through and beyond an enemy’s front-line defense (Dictionary.com).  “Whaaaaattttt?  You mean I have to move? Advance?  I got to go ALL THE WAY THROUGH and BEYOND?  But my Facebook friends told me that Breakthrough was coming to me!  They’ve just been handing them out!  I thought all I had to do was stand in line!”  WRONG.  Just wrong.  God’s not gonna just hand you a breakthrough!  You’ve got to move!  And not only do you have to move, you have to move forward.  And not only do you have to move forward, you have to move beyond.  But before you make any moves, you’ve got to plan to move strategically.  Breakthrough is as much about force and movement as it is about location.  You’ve got to break through the enemy’s line in just the right place.  And for those of you claiming a breakthrough when you’ve only moved on areas in your life of limited opposition, that’s not a breakthrough.  That’s a walk through.  You’re not fooling anyone but yourself.  You see that area in your life with the mass of armed guards around it?  That’s the area you need to attack.  Why?  Because that is the part of you that the enemy has made his priority to protect. Well what in my life could the darkness possibly be so zealous about protecting?  Your darkness.  Darkness is protecting your sins.  Darkness is protecting your fears, your illusions, your self-doubt.  He’s surrounded your weaknesses by multiple fortifications because he doesn’t want you to seize and destroy that part of yourself that he can use to bring you down when nothing else on earth can.  And every time you get close, you end up running from the real breakthrough because you know in order to win you have to face and fight your SELF.   But you’ve got to.  Because if you break through the darkness without in order to seize and destroy the darkness within, then and only then can you claim the life of an heir to the kingdom.

So for those of you with your hands out waiting on it to come…God’s not gonna just hand you a breakthrough.  You have to be willing to arm yourself for spiritual warfare, strategize, #pushthru your fears and annihilate the enemy’s forces.  Ephesians 6 says: be strong in the Lord, put on, wrestle, take unto you, stand, pray, and watch.  Those are all action words!  So the question isn’t, When is God gonna give me a breakthrough?  The question is: When am I gonna make this breakthrough for God? –Sean Johnson

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