10 Things I’ve Learned About Healing

  1. Healing is not mysterious.
  2. No one can give you what they have not received.
  3. You cannot share what you do not have to give.
  4. Uncovering does not equate to recovering, but you must uncover to recover.
  5. Searching fiction for facts is the opposite of healing.
  6. You have to remove yourself from people and situations that are not conducive to healing.
  7. The packaging does not matter if your contents do not change.
  8. God doesn’t need your help, but He does need your work.
  9. When you are in the tunnel, do not focus on the distance of the darkness. Focus on the brilliance of the light.
  10. Though it is true that people know us by our fruits, it is also true that we know ourselves by our fruits. Everything comes back to you tenfold. Sew into yourself. Believe that you deserve to be healed.  Sew healing. Harvest healing. –Sean

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