10 Things I’ve learned About the Body

  1. It really is your temple, the home of the God in you. Would God create you to become a place He could not dwell?
  2. It can do nothing without permission from your mind.
  3. If you hate your body, you hate your mind because therein lies the only power to change your body.
  4. When you use your body as a weapon, you only hurt yourself.
  5. Don’t try to use your body against God’s will. YOU WILL ONLY HURT YOURSELF.
  6. YOU are not your body.
  7. Your body is a physical tool of time designated for you to do something that is timeless. It’s the means, not the end. #purpose
  8. Though it is but a tool, take care of your tool. What good is a dull sword or a broken hammer?
  9. If you limit your awareness in life to only what you experience physically, you will never become aware of your true splendor.
  10. If you had no body, how would you describe yourself? That’s who you really are. So…who are you?

–Sean Johnson

2 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve learned About the Body

  1. 10 is REALLY deep. I mean every one of them was felt, but ten made me really think. Who am I? I always speak about who and what a person is at the core. I talk about this daily with my husband. And this holds the same sentiment, without the body, who are you. Wow.

    1. I have to examine this as well. Lately I have also been having to figure out how to convey and discuss this topic with my teenage nieces. They live in a world that is so driven by perception and having the “perfect” life. It’s like Geesh guys, but who are you? Who do you want to be?

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