10 Things I’ve Learned About Perception

I cannot begin to tell you how many hard lessons I have learned by reacting based on my perceptions of a person or situation versus the truth.  In addition to the many people I have closed doors on, there are just as many who have closed doors on me based solely on their perception of me.  “Oh, she thinks she’s all that (which I am).  She’s bougie.  She thinks she’s smart (Very actually but that’s neither here nor there).  She’s high maintenance.”  These are all things that people (mostly women) have said about me (in very LOUD whispers) based solely on perception.

But here’s what I’ve learned about perception.

  1. It is not truth.
  2. If you let it drive your reality, your life will most definitely experience many accidents.
  3. Perception is very ego driven.  It does what it must to protect its perception of its worth.
  4. Perception is very lack driven. We have this common misconception that if a woman has “everything” there is nothing left for us.  Not true.  Do the stars compete for their place in the sky, or do they just shine?
  5. Perception (self-perception in particular) is very image driven…But an image is a symbol.  It is not the real thing.
  6. Your worth goes beyond what people perceive about you and even beyond what you perceive about yourself. Perception involves doubt, and God had no doubts when He created you worthy.
  7. We must learn to effectively communicate so that we can collectively move beyond perceptions and into truth.
  8. Perceptions rely very heavily on interpretation, and love is the only thing that can accurately translate anything.
  9. If love is your first language, be willing to teach others (through your example not just your words) how to translate perceptions.
  10. If perception is your first language, be willing to be un-conditioned.–Sean Johnson

2 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve Learned About Perception

  1. Yes! Yes! and Yes! I can only imagine what people think or have said about me…but…to know me is to love me:) Great write up, I’m SO here for it!!

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