10 Things about YOUR Voice

There are three kinds of people: those who have found and use their authentic voices; those who talk simply to hear their own voices; and those who would like to use their authentic voice but can’t recognize it.  Here’s what I’ve learned about recognizing your authentic voice:

  1. It repairs AND creates.
  2. It looks beyond what you are into the future and past simultaneously. It sees God’s original intent for your life and what you can one day again be.
  3. It calls you to joy even when the situation isn’t pretty.
  4. It speaks for the God in you.
  5. Its devotion is not divided.
  6. It does not sleep. It wakes.
  7. It does not struggle with words because it only speaks what your soul tells it to. No mouth can stumble over its soul’s script.
  8. It holds everything by giving it away.
  9. You can bury it, hide from it, refuse to use it, but you cannot destroy it. If you try, it will haunt you.
  10. It is the pinprick of Light that can transform the darkness.—Sean Johnson

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