10 Things on Teaching and Learning

YOU ARE A TEACHER!   I know you probably don’t feel like one and you certainly didn’t sign up for the job, but nonetheless you have been sharing your story and living (hopefully your best) life and people are learning from you.  It’s okay!  Embrace this role because it is in fact YOUR OBLIGATION to teach those around you.  With that in mind, remember:

  1. A good teacher is a constant learner.
  2. Teaching is not an option, it’s an obligation. I can’t think of any culture that doesn’t have some sort of saying similar to “Each one teach one.” It’s our responsibility.  What you keep to yourself loses its strength to transform.
  3. You’ve got to believe what you teach (or people will know). Be truthful.  Don’t teach people how to be fake.
  4. You’ve got to believe that the people you are trying to teach are teachable.
  5. Teach by example.
  6. Teaching and learning are your greatest strengths because they allow you to change your own mind as well as the minds of others.
  7. Sometimes our egos encourage us to keep the lessons and ideas we have to ourselves so “we’ll know something no one else knows” or “so people won’t steal our ideas.” Don’t get me wrong, you should protect your intellectual property, but what about those life lessons you’ve been hoarding? How many times have you said, “I’m going to let her learn the hard way like I did” when you could have very well prevented someone from making a mistake?  Or how many times have you sat on an idea because you didn’t want anyone to “take it” when the very people you withheld it from could help you bring it to life?  Don’t covet your lessons and ideas.  The full power of anything cannot be expressed if expression is withheld.
  8. Teaching and learning are reciprocal. To learn peace, teach peace.  To learn love, teach love.
  9. Teaching is healing because through the sharing of lessons we remove prejudices, correct misconceptions, close wounds, break cycles, and deepen our collective story.
  10. When you teach, when you share the lessons, especially the painful ones, the anguish of the past eventually dissipates leaving behind nothing but the blessing.

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