Before you jump stupid…10 Things

I definitely used to be that girl who spoke before she thought.  Many friendships were lost, many feelings hurt, many loves irreparably damaged as a result of my jumping stupid but now that I am more seasoned, I’ve learned:

  1. Realize that often you aren’t even responding to what actually happened. You’re responding to your interpretation of it.
  2. Many times, even the most abrasive things people say are a cry for help.
  3. With that being said, to respond in a way that denies their cry for help is to deny yourself the same mercy when you need it (and you will need it).
  4. You can never interpret anyone’s motives. That is the work of the Spirit. If you misinterpret someone’s motives, the truth will become what you want it to be; not what it is.
  5. Let your response be appropriate TO THE PERSON YOU SAY YOU ARE as opposed to the situation.
  6. When you respond in error, you give power to chaos.
  7. Remember that what we perceive as an attack can also be a call for love, a listening ear, a moment of something unconditional.
  8. Recognize that we live in a world where people are experiencing a 24/7 sense of loss. Your response holds the power to supply the loss or further deplete someone.
  9. If you are in a public situation, do not let people influence your response. Unfortunately, people with personal investments tend to be the most antagonistic.
  10. Lastly, examine yourself.  Are you as connected to the Spirit as you should be?  It is only the Spirit of God within you that can ever accurately translate what we PERCEIVE into TRUTH.  So before you jump stupid ask the Spirit to intervene so that you can use your powerful words in the most life affirming way possible

2 thoughts on “Before you jump stupid…10 Things

  1. Allll of the yessesss to this! I too have learned, and far from perfected, these things. It takes some serious time and self reflection to come close to being aware of these during difficulty/stress. Thanks for this, it’s a powerful reminder!

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