10 Things about Love/Relationships

  1. All relationships that lack God are “unnatural.”
  2. It is impossible to understand love outside of God.
  3. Don’t let your relationship with anyone stand in as a substitute for your relationship with your Self.
  4. Love is freedom. As you release it, it releases you.
  5. Two people becoming one should not mean one decreases the magnitude of the other’s light.
  6. Two halves do not make a whole…they make a hole.
  7. Love should not be self-betrayal.
  8. Consider the hows and whys of your value of a person and you may find that you do not love him/her at all. You only love what they do for you.
  9. Don’t accept the illusion of love in place of real love.
  10. Hell= Two people laying the parts of themselves they no longer want on the altar hoping the other person will know what to do with “leftovers” as an offering and calling it love.

–Sean Johnson

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