10 Things about Being a Diamond

  1. Diamonds form below the surface. It’s what happens in your heart and mind that reflects who and what you really are.
  2. Diamonds are rare. Not everyone will own real diamonds (especially the red ones).  This means that if you are truly a diamond, not everyone should be able to have you. Don’t pass yourself around like glass.
  3. Diamonds form under immense heat and pressure. Unfortunately, no one wants to go through anything anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d prefer not to be hurt or experience pain in life.  We all would.  But some people are so afraid of the heat and pressure that they’d rather blend in with the dirt than risk becoming diamonds.
  4. While you are below the surface being consumed by the elements, Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer (Romans 12:12). God is grooming you to become what you were always meant to be.
  5. Jewelry cleaner is not what makes a diamond shine. Did you know that diamonds are naturally dull?  It is the cut of the jeweler that determines the brilliance of the stone.
  6. God is the Master Jeweler. You’re going to get cut sometimes.  Life is going to slice you at some very complex angles and it won’t feel good; but it will prepare you to be a prism for His Light.
  7. The cut of the diamond impacts the reflection, refraction, and dispersion of The Light. Reflection is the Light that will hit you and be immediately bounced back, giving you an instantaneous shine.  The rest of His Light will travel through you where it will be scattered and fractured, creating that sparkle that only YOU are known for.  And no matter what you’re going through, eventually His Light will be aimed back towards the surface where your dispersion of His Light will shine for others to admire.
  8. No diamond is completely flawless. What we label as “a flawless diamond” actually has inclusions or natural imperfections.  There are some natural imperfections about you that God deems as perfectly polished for your purpose.
  9. Flawlessness is actually based on the grade of clarity, the polishing of the facets.
  10. A diamond does not utilize external measures to assign value to her inner self.

Therefore, my dear diamonds spend just a little less time being superficially #flawless and figure out what it means to truly shine. 

6 thoughts on “10 Things about Being a Diamond

  1. I absolutely love this message. It speaks directly to me in so many ways and for some reason I’ve been reading memes about diamonds lately. The cuts and flaws in a diamond is what determines the way it shines. My womanhood is not flawless. Instead of me crying over things that make me imperfect I should rejoice in them and thank God, knowing he used my faults and failures, my hurts and pains, for a brighter future. Love it!

  2. You have always inspired me by your thoughts. We are all diamonds, some just shine brighter than others because we have stepped out on faith and allowed God to use us for his will. I’m glad that you have reminded me that even with my flaws, I’m still beautiful inside and out.

  3. Very nice write indeed. I got from this how imperative it is to truly understand your worth. The glory of who God designed you to be and at times we need to alter that state to be better. Our worth to know not to settle for less than we deserve in the midst of shining bright. Sometimes my prayers are about me walking in Spirit so that others can see that God does exists. Two things that I have found to be true in this life is to have courage and to always be kind. I especially caught the line, “This means that if you are truly a diamond, not everyone should be able to have you. Don’t pass yourself around like glass” That beautiful spirit that lives inside of me depends on me to protect her. Thank you for this reminder today. AHO… love. .

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