Poem of the Week

Doctrine of the Trinity


I never believed in love at first sight

until I was blinded by him

on my road to Damascus.

He unmasked this

vision of devotion in me so sweet

that I stumbled out of my darkness

and woke at the feet of his divinity.

His smile made me believe

in the omnipotence of God.

His baritone

turned the slithering serpents in my stomach

into inebriated butterflies.

In the twinkling of his eyes

I saw earth born out of night

and the same earth crumble beneath the golden light

of his flame.

His hands changed my name

from Simon to Peter to John

the beloved disciple of the Father’s Son.

His tongue

scribbled scriptures across my back

and erased the tracks

of my skepticism.

Ready for baptism

into his amazing grace

I stood on the banks like the Eunuch

eager to be fed his truth.

A skeleton seeking the keys that unlocked proof

his heaven was real.

His water filled

the empty places in my emotions

that had turned into whine.

The only thing standing between

our love and invincibility

was that matter of time.

Unwilling to relinquish the fiction

I termed my funny feelings as benign,

but upon approaching the god’s altar

I realized I was one in a line.

There beneath the veil of his bliss

was a devil.  His kiss

broke like bread and fed five thousand.

His garment had been touched by so many

that the hem became tattered and soiled.

He was offering up his oil

to keep a dozen lamps ablaze.

His parables turned to maze.

His truth turned to lies.

He was a miracle that left me crucified.

The peace of me died.

Father, forgive him.

He knows not who he has crossed.

I began to unravel.

Spiraled backwards in time

searching for the place I last saw my true self;

trying to pinpoint the moment that I left

the road less travelled

and entered the alley where Judas dwelled.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave

when we confuse Heaven and Hell.