Poem of the Week

Lift Up

Up Close and Personal


Darling, I

think that God

divided the universe

by the span of the stars

to get the quotient of your smile.

He gathered the bed of the Nile

and mixed it

with the complexity of the sea

to get that tone

that you wear like Divinity.

Or maybe He

simply said It is written

and you rose from the dust like hidden


I don’t know what He did,

but I am in love with it.

I find myself rewriting days for you

Adding more hours in time to be with you

I even wish to be like you

I love to despise you

For being so much more worthy of my love

Than I am

And I am

Wanting you

Wanting to be so up close and personal

That we forget we are two separate beings

So close

That you begin seeing

Me in your reflection

So personal

That my collection

Of memories


With your life lines

Whenever you touch the palm of your hands

To the small of my back

So close

That you crack

The secrets of Egypt

Encrypted in the crease of my lips

So personal

That my touch encodes the keys of life upon your hips

So close

That when we kiss

We become equipped

To swim backwards over centuries of seas

So personal

That when we

Lay in sublime

We become able

To fall forward through time

So close

That we rhyme

As one

So personal

That the sun

Has to fight to get a ray of light between us

Closer than Venus

Is to her own shores

I want to know you like I know myself

And love you more

Than writing

Sean Johnson