Poem of the Week


The Creation of Air & Water– The Cy’On Collection



plunge the Big Dipper into a

punch bowl filled with champagne and stars

and pour it directly into your mouth until

constellations dribble from its corners


let you hair grow wild like John the Baptist

& usher in the coming of the Light

then ignite a torch for the last person that left you in darkness

be healing

when it’s too late to forgive


catch a dream colored Uber ride to Heights Boulevard

just to divulge to the fruit trees

what an ulcer your last relationship was


that it opened a hole in the bottom of you

into which everything went sliding


it’s okay if you tell the truth to the trees

because the truth will sound like a lie to passersby


it will sound like the marrow in bones

after you’re done kneeling in the roots

remove the splinters from your knees

with the fingers you lost to your lover

they’re back in your possession now

use them to pick apart the scriptures

cover yourself in psalms

& then resolve
to love again

–Sean Johnson